Rifle 223 REM 55 gr Full Metal Jacket - .308 Winchester 150 gr Full Metal Jacket  - Subsonic 300 BLACKOUT 208 gr AMAX

Whether you are zeroing your rifle for the upcoming deer hunting season or getting ready for  your next 3-Gun match you can trust that every caliber in our rifle lineup is assembled using the highest quality brass, primer, powder and projectiles. We load our rifle calibers so that you get maximum performance in trajectory, accuracy at distance, and consistent velocity. P&G has also added the 300 BLACKOUT 208 Gr. AMAX designed for suppressed applications perfect for training, tactical and hunting applications or that new suppressed 300 Blackout rifle in your range rental fleet!

Superior Performance

P&G has utilized specialized testing to develop rifle calibers with enhanced performance. Utilizing statistical data after completing all of our tests we load at the optimal extreme spread to deliver you rifle loads that have steady velocities and flat trajectories.

High Quality Powders

We have sourced the highest quality powders when developing our P&G rifle lineup. After loading each rifle round with the ideal powder drop to create the desired pressures, our team hits the range to test for accuracy and velocity. All of our rifle calibers are carefully evaluated and inspected before, during, and after production.

Safe, Reliable, Consistent, Accurate and Clean

P&G Performance Ammunition’s Rifle Lineup has been thoroughly manufactured with the highest quality components so that you can shoot a safe, reliable, consistent, accurate and clean round out of your rifle at the range or in the field.


Perfect for Suppressed Shooting

Our 300 Blackout 208 gr AMAX round is designed for suppressed shooting and delivers optimal decibel reduction and velocity. The round can also be shot unsuppressed. This 300 Blackout round is ideal for hunting, tactical training and for supplying ammo to your suppressed range rental gun.

Navy SEAL tested

With extensive experience shooting at long distances or during close quarters operations, our Navy SEAL vetted rifle calibers are produced to give you the ultimate experience shooting with your rifle. We stand behind our products and guarantee you will be shooting with a tremendous performing round.

All American

P&G Performance Ammunition is proudly made in the USA. We are owned and operated by US Military Combat Veterans and located in Denver, Colorado.

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